Sunnbüel-lämmerenhütte-Wildstrubel | 1557m↑↓ | 2 days | WS

A classical tour worth redescovering once in a while.

Tour description

Last updated: 13.03.2019

Route description

Day 1:From the top station of Sunnbüel cable car follow the well marked winter way until Gemmi Pass. The way right through the swiss pine forest is really worth it. At the southwest shore of the Daubensee lake near the cable car station go straight on. At point 2262 the way goes steep up and as soon as the cliff is surrounded you see the flat basin of Lämmernboden. Follow the markings in west direction until you find yourself below a steep hill. This is the steepest part of the tour and it is over after one zick-zack. Traverse west along the right valley wall. After the steep part is over comes a sharp right turn (east) on a plateau, where shortly the Lämmeren hut shows up.

Day 2:Early in the morning cross the plateau west without losing height and follow the rock wall in west direction. At the end of the rock wall turn right and climb the valley ground in north-west direction towards the glacier. The glacier begins at 2700msl, tendentiously higher. At the trough on 2900msl turn left and follow the less steep terrain up. Once the glacier gets flat, keep right to the saddle right of Wildstrubel, point 3156. The last bit is a bit steep but the panorama from 3156msl on Wildstrubel is worth it.
On the way back down follow the traces from the ascent way.

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