Tevno Ezero, Pirin, Bulgaria

2000↑↓ | 2 days | WS
An exotic sea of snow and mountains with nobody else around.

Tour description

Last updated: 13.03.2019

Route description

Day 1: Leaving from Bansko (Банско), you can take the bus to Vihren hut (хижа Вихрен) and get dropped at the crossing with the way to Demyanitsa hut (хижа Демяница). On the quick visual guide below there is the phone number of the bus station in Bansko, who can provide you with up-to-date driving times of the bus. Another option is taking a taxi from town. From the crossing, take the wide road direction Demyanitsa hut through the pine tree forest. You will pass the hut on your right. Continue south following Demyanitsa river (река Демяница), always staying on it's right side (west). The vegetation changes to low bushes. After a while, you will see south two prominent peaks – Valyavishki Chukar (Валявишки Чукар) and right of it Valyavishka chuka (Валявишка чука). The highest point for the day, Mozgovishka Porta (Мозговишка Порта) Pass 2540m, is right (west) of the peaks. After the Mozgovishka Porta Pass the summer way traverses east on Valyavishka chuka’s south face to the Tevno ezero (Тевно езеро) lake, however this is very exposed and steep terrain and depending on conditions it could be icy. Therefore, it is better to go down about 120 meters and go up more east on the less steep slopes. The sharp triangular roof of Tevno ezero shelter is visible east of the lake. The hut is occasionally guarded in winter so we strongly advice calling the hut guardians in advance (+359 884 66 36 35, gowhere.bg/en/places/mountains/tevno-ezero-shelter/).

Day 2: The day starts with an enjoyable way up to Momini Dvori (Момини двори) peak 2722m, about 300 meters up north-east from the shelter. In good weather it offers wonderful view to all major peaks of Pirin, including Malka Kamenitsa (Малка Каменица) 2675m and Golyama Kamenitsa (Голяма Каменица) 2824m peaks to the south, Djengal (Дженгал) peak 2729m north and in the distance the highest peak of Pirin, Vihren (Вихрен) 2914m. After skiing back down, there follows a short but rather steep ascent to the Pass between Momini Dvori and Kralev Dvor (Кралев двор) peak, called Lyava Porta (Лява порта), i.e. Left Pass. From the pass ski down to Popovo Ezero (Попово езеро) lake. From there you traverse low the peaks Polezhan (Полежан) and Bezbog (Безбог), heading to Bezbog hut. In case you are well off with time, going up to Bezbog peak 2653m on the south-east ridge and then skiing down on the north side might be a nice add-on to the beautiful tour. There is a small ski resort and a cable card to Bezbog hut, where you can get a warm meal. Follow the ski slope down to Gotse Delchev hut (хижа Гоце Делчев). From the hut to Dobrinishte (Добринище) village you could walk, hitchhike, or call a mountain taxi, the contact of one possible taxi is quoted in the visual guide below (it is an old talkative grandfather, quite an eventful ride, indeed).

Quick facts

  • Start
  • Sleepover
    Tevno Ezero hut
  • End
  • Duration
    Day 1: 5h
    Day 2: 3h
  • Altitude gain
    2000 m↑↓
  • Difficulty

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