Lukmanierpass-Cadlimo hut

1185 m↑↓ | 2 Days | L
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Tour description

Last updated: 13.03.2019

Route description

Day 1:From the Lukmanier pass next the Hospizia sta Maria follow the lake shore in west direction. Always stay on the left side of the lake and circle it until pt. 1924, then follow the valley up in southwest direction. At pt. 2198 turn to the right and traverse up the valley side towards pt. 2220 where you surround the ridge. After a short way down follow the Val Cadlimo up in west direction. At pt. 2379 the way starts to gradually climb on the right valley side up. Continue traversing until you see the Cadmilo hut emerging on the ridge. The winter entrance of the hut is on the west side through the window. After some snow digging you will be welcomed by the charming hut. There is wood that you have to chop yourself. There's a cooking oven in the kitchen and an oven in the living/bed-room to warm up the room.

Day 2:After a good breakfast ski down in south direction to pt. 2464 next to lake Sucuro. Here its time to put on the belts again and climb up the north ridge of Pizzo Taneda. In 30 mins you can enjoy the nice view on top of Pizzo Taneda at 2668 msl. The drive down depends on the conditions: the north-east face in good conditions or if conditions are not to good go down the same route as on the way up. Drive all the way to Lago dell Isra where you will rejoin the route from yesterday and follow it all the way to pt 2250. Put the belts back on and start to climb on the right valley side up towards the ridge. Once on the ridge, if you are full of power you can continue up to the peak of Schenadüi, or drive down in north-east direction to pt. 2220 where you join the ascending route. Follow the ascending route all the way to Hospizia sta Maria.

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