The ski holder is a comfortable and stylish tool for transporting your skis on a bike. With the ski holder you no longer have to find awkward solutions for caring your skis on the bike. No more attaching skis on backpack and not be able to turn your upper body or holding them with one hand while still trying to steer or put the skis between your legs hoping its still possible to control the bike steering. Just attach the ski holder on to the bike porter over a very convenient 2-point fixation, slide the skis in the oval hangers and off you go.

Easy to attach

Specially engineered attachment system which is very easy to use and fits (almost) all the bike porters.


Due to the fixation angle and a spring the skis stay stable.


Handmade out of wood and anodized aluminum


Its made to hold, but if something should fail its always possible to get replacement parts.

Fixation on bike

The Skiholder can be mounted on almost any standard bike porter. All that is needed is a porter with one horizontal and a vertical bar of 6-10mm. The twistlook is then placed on the vertical bar (1) and the skiholder turned up by about 120°. Next the skiholder is tilted towards the vertical rail of the porter (2) and the quick clamp is closed (3). This 3 steps can be done, without to much practice, in less than 10 seconds. With the 2-points of fixation the skiholder is fixed stable to the bike. Once it is fixed, you just place the skis through the two oval wooden hangers. A spring on the lower hanger will stop the skis from bouncing around, making this a very stable and thus safe way to transport your skis.