100% merino wool

Best quality mulesing-free wool

Fair made

From sewer to customer - no resellers

Small footprint

Entirely woven and sewn in Euope

No plastic trash

Comes packged in a reusable fabric bag

We are developing and producing quality clothes out of 100% mulesing-free merino wool for men, women, and children. Perfect for outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, trekking, tour skiing, skiing. I depeloped the pattern to fit well on the body and be comfortable while doing sports or being in nature. I also sew each hoodie myself with love and care for detail.
The hoodie can be personalized for you. If you provide me your measurements, I can sew it to fit you perfectly. Plus, any color combination from the available colors can be fulfilled.


For me it was important to get a responsibly made fabric, and I am very proud to say I managed! I use entirely mulesing-free merino wool woven in Europe.
I sew each piece with great care and love. For nature and the sheeps' sake, do wear your hoodie long. It is made to last. I accept repairs and will gladly do them for free! To not add to the amount of plastic trash, each hoodie is simply packed in a beautiful handmade fabric bag, which we encourage you to keep and reuse. With love and respect for nature.

Why merino clothes?

Merino wool is the thinnest sheep wool and thus:
  • very gentle and pleasant on the skin
  • soft
  • breathable
  • antibacterial and antimicrobial which is why it does not retain odors and stays fresh for long
  • absorbs water without feeling damp
  • does not leave anyone cold even in the hardest conditions


  • simply wash on 30°C
  • soft spin, do not tumble dry
  • don't iron (you anyway don't need to, it doesn't wrinkle and life is too short to iron)
  • keep away from moths

Price breakdown

The picture illustrates why you pay so much for your hoodie. However, it's an approximation as there are many variables - the amount of fabric used differs for male to female hoodies and from size to size; shipping price differs a lot depending on destination country; work hours differ as well, and do not include pattern development, fabric pre-washing, etc, etc.

Check out our online designer

We have developed for you an online designer where you can visually combine our merino fabrics to create your unique garment. Play around, experiment, be creative. When you are happy with your design, fill in your data and send it to us. We will sew it for you and very soon you will hold in your hands your own personalized merino treasure.