All the lamps are handmade out of thin veneer. Depending on the lamp style, one or more type of wood is used. There are many different wood types to work with, as an example there is: cherry, maple, oak, pine, zebrano, mahogany, larch, beech and always more. To bring the wonderful structure of the wood to full live the lamps are oiled with linseed oil, a natural and healthy product.


Made out of certified wood. No chemicals used - just linseed oil


Simple or with silhouette - each lamp is unique


All lamps are handmade by me

Style options

Nightstand lamps

The Nightstand lamps shine in a warm light and bring the silhouettes to live. The stand is hand turned out of massive wood. Choose form many different silhouettes for your nightstand lamp.

Cylindrical ceiling lamp

Made out of cherry, maple or pine veneer the simple, elegant cylindrical shape let you enjoy the unique vivid structure of the wood. A eye catcher for on top of a dining table, in the kitchen, living room or your favorite reading corner.


The cables used for all the lamps can be individually chosen from a list of different colored fabric coted cables.


If you like the lamp style but have something different in mind, please let me know and i will try to design your personal lamp.